Members of the company in Pondskaters (2012). Photo by Guntar Kravis



TDT was founded in 1968 by dancer/choreographers Peter Randazzo, Patricia Beatty and David Earle (the Founders). Over the last forty-nine years, the company has produced a unique body of original Canadian choreography and influenced the artistic development of dancers, choreographers and other collaborators from across the country. As a touring company, TDT has had a major impact on the development of audiences for dance across Canada. In the mid-eighties, under the artistic direction of Kenny Pearl, the reputation of the company grew after significant successes in New York and Great Britain. David Earle followed as Artistic Director from 1988-94, enlarging the company and creating large-scale works. Christopher House joined the company as a dancer in 1979, became Resident Choreographer in 1981 and Artistic Director in 1994.

Under House’s direction, the company has opened its doors to collaborations with international artists including the iconic American choreographer Deborah Hay. Initiatives such as the Berlin (2009), Paris (2011), Brussels (2013) and New York/Toronto (2016) Projects bring stimulating new perspectives to the Toronto dance scene. Choreographic showcases and the discussion series Into the Work are designed to facilitate an exchange of ideas between artists and the audience, and TDT’s Education program offers a wide variety of dance experiences for young audiences.



TDT’s mission is to make a significant contribution to Canadian dance through the following activities:

  • The creation and production of new works, and the revisiting of works from TDT’s repertoire, that engage with fresh and resonant aspects of choreographic expression.

  • The presentation of these works in Toronto and on tour across Canada and abroad.

  • The nurturing of a resourceful and creatively engaged ensemble of performers through shared experiences in research, training and performance.

  • The facilitation of activities that provide creative opportunities for and encourage the ongoing development of dancers, choreographers and others artists from Toronto, across Canada and abroad.

  • The cultivation and empowerment of existing and new audiences for dance and the arts, including young audiences, through effective outreach and education activities.

  • In collaboration with The School of TDT, the stewardship of our facilities at 80 Winchester Street as a vital centre for creation, production, training and the exchange of ideas.